Survey says Thailand happier in wake of coup

From Wall Street Journal:

Happiness Returning To Thailand, Says Survey


So what?

It’s not often that a military junta makes such a public show of boosting its PR capabilities, but that’s just what happened in Thailand in recent months. Now there’s a bigger question. Do people feel more safe and secure due to military-imposed law and order, or was the Thai Army’s Happiness campaign responsible? (Probably both)

What to look for:

  • Brands don’t hold a monopoly on projecting an image. Whereas brands try to sell goods or services, governments must sell their legitimacy to their populations
  • In other words, brands take note. If successful, these military activities may translate into something of a handbook for corporate crisis communications–a strange paradox given the not-so-stellar track record of military juntas
  • Expect continued events and activities within Thailand to reflect a “kinder, gentler” military. Also expect major PR pushes with both domestic media (to appeal to the local populace) and major international wires and publications (to bring confidence to foreign investors)
  • More scantily clad women?

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