Childlike Strategists

Are good account planners childlike?

I’ve met a few great strategists and have followed others online. More often than not, these strategists tend to have an almost child-like sense of wonder, if not sense of humor.

Now, my sample size may be rather small, but if there were a correlation between good creative briefs and a certain sense of wonder, I wouldn’t be surprised. It makes sense that an account planner has a strong inner child.

I’ve heard that at the core of every joke is an insight. This is because within every joke is a human truth, something that is true enough to make us take notice and laugh along. Jokes strip away the nonsense and get right the truth of the matter.

Children are great because they haven’t developed the filters that keep adults grounded in reality. In the skies, we see clouds; they see castles. On the beach, we see sand; they see… more castles.

The point is, if we seek to improve our view of the world with the aim of building good strategy, perhaps a good tactic is to drop pretense and try to view the world as a child might.

That’s not a stapler; it’s a plasma gun. And those interns? Space aliens.

This may very well be me trying to convince myself to buy a Lego set for the office. So long, productivity.


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