The most stereotypical LinkedIn article you’ll ever read

From the front page of LinkedIn today:

5 lessons every startup should learn from the German football team

Don’t click the link bait, please. Let me run down those five lessons for you here:

  1. Determination (Deep insight that.)
  2. Learn from the Competition (Wow!)
  3. Flexibility (You mean I’m not supposed to mindlessly pursue a single activity forever? Hold on, I’m taking notes)
  4. Keep all eyes on the goal (BRB. Need to rescind company-wide policy of neglecting goals)
  5. Seize all opportunities, score all goals, be limitless (I hate this entire list, but I particularly hate this one. It amounts to: do good and make money. It reminds me of my favorite strategy from chess: win.)

Today’s lessons:

  • Avoid LinkedIn if you enjoy impactful commentary.
  • Don’t hang your hat on relevant events if what you’re saying is entirely irrelevant.


Here are some of the comments from the article:

  • “Well said… Brilliant, in fact.”
  • “keep smashing it till the final whistle ?”
  • “The group doesn’t rely on 1 or 2 individuals, it’s their ability to play & interact to gether that makes a stronger team … just like in business, teamwork and good relationship between coworkers usually creates positive spirit and results.”
  • “Release fast, release often, and iterate” – Can’t agree more.”
  • “I like you analysis – succinct and relevant. Thankest :-)”

But all hope is not lost:

  • “Corniest article ever.”

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