About This Site


Branded Nonsense is a love letter to and scathing criticism of marketing. Its mission is to analyze the world of business and examine various aspects of advertising, PR, branding and other general business issues. It also strives to abandon tired business cliches and jargon. There are no clients here. Only Branded Nonsense.

Why Branded Nonsense

We are surrounded by interesting things, due increasingly to technology. Traveling to interesting places is easier because of travel technology. Cooking interesting dishes is easier because of culinary technology. Everything is just a click, scroll or swipe away. We’re seriously living in a sci fi world.

But brands don’t always recognize this. Far too often, we’ll see Branded Nonsense floating around the internet. Facebook posts that are relevant neither to the brand nor the audience. Campaigns that are tone deaf to issues consumers care about.

This phenomenon is based in a mixture of naivete, contempt and ignorance on the parts of everyone involved in the marketing process. As such, this blog serves a number of personal and industry goals:

  1. To cast a light on Branded Nonsense to encourage others to avoid the mistakes that result in a poor final product
  2. To highlight wonderful examples of marketing to encourage others to work towards excellent results
  3. To motivate ME to make sure my own work wouldn’t be criticized on this blog
  4. To examine larger business issues, even outside the immediate realm of marketing

Branded Nonsense is everywhere. This blog should be a step in the direction of eliminating some of the noise.

Who I Am

This is a friendly dog and a friendly marketer. I'm a big fan of Instagram filters. It's the ketchup of the photography world.
This is a friendly dog and a friendly marketer. I’m a big fan of Instagram filters. It’s the ketchup of the photography world.

My name is Kevin Grubb and I’m a marketing strategist at a digital agency in Hong Kong. I started working in HK immediately after graduating in the US. I decided to go to Hong Kong partly out of a sense of adventure, partly because of the desire to use my degree in East Asian Studies and partly because while the US economy was still struggling, Asia’s markets were doing very well.

And so it began. I started out in PR where I learned a great deal about a lot of different industries, but after a couple years, decided that PR wasn’t the best place for me. Now in a hybrid strategic role, I get to do what I love without having to call reporters about dry news releases. These days, I get to play parts in business development, account planning, content strategy, campaign and brand development, and even a bit of copy writing.

Disclaimer Time

The views expressed here on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

The only thing I love more than marketing is remaining gainfully employed.


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