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Survey says Thailand happier in wake of coup

From Wall Street Journal:

Happiness Returning To Thailand, Says Survey


So what?

It’s not often that a military junta makes such a public show of boosting its PR capabilities, but that’s just what happened in Thailand in recent months. Now there’s a bigger question. Do people feel more safe and secure due to military-imposed law and order, or was the Thai Army’s Happiness campaign responsible? (Probably both)

What to look for:

  • Brands don’t hold a monopoly on projecting an image. Whereas brands try to sell goods or services, governments must sell their legitimacy to their populations
  • In other words, brands take note. If successful, these military activities may translate into something of a handbook for corporate crisis communications–a strange paradox given the not-so-stellar track record of military juntas
  • Expect continued events and activities within Thailand to reflect a “kinder, gentler” military. Also expect major PR pushes with both domestic media (to appeal to the local populace) and major international wires and publications (to bring confidence to foreign investors)
  • More scantily clad women?

Apple makes moves in advance of iWatch launch

From Reuters:

Apple poaches another luxury executive as iWatch nears


So what?

One very big problem facing mobile phone makers is that the peripherals they sell often appeal to the fashion sensibilities of geeks. Can Apple reverse this trend by bringing in more luxury industry talent? They’ve already poached former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts.

What to look for: